About me




As an experienced developer, I specialize in distributed systems, particularly databases. I have developed business applications and worked as a big data engineer, gaining valuable experience in developing large-scale systems.

Present time

Currently, as a platform engineer, I am drawn to the challenges of distributed systems. My expertise includes ensuring data consistency, maintaining high availability and implementing disaster recovery measures. I am fully committed to specializing in this field and excited to continue pushing its boundaries.

Need help?

I am available to offer my expertise in resolving any issues related to Kubernetes and databases, or other technologies featured in my posts. Should you require consultation or assistance with your project, please do not hesitate to contact me. If you are interested in training, see Trainings tab.

For recruiters

I am interested in a remote role as a backend platform engineer specializing in distributed systems. Kindly consider my interest in this regard.

My technology interests:

  • /icons/kubernetes.svg
  • /icons/clouds.png
    AWS or GCP
  • /icons/database.png
    Databases or message brokers
  • /icons/golang.svg
    Golang or
    JVM based languages like Java or Kotlin

I am not considering job offers about: big data or frontend.


https://images.credly.com/size/680x680/images/f0d3fbb9-bfa7-4017-9989-7bde8eaf42b1/image.png https://images.credly.com/size/680x680/images/8b8ed108-e77d-4396-ac59-2504583b9d54/cka_from_cncfsite__281_29.png https://images.credly.com/size/680x680/images/f88d800c-5261-45c6-9515-0458e31c3e16/ckad_from_cncfsite.png https://images.credly.com/size/680x680/images/99289602-861e-4929-8277-773e63a2fa6f/image.png